As mentioned in my opening paragraph, I push myself hard and by 2015 I had a restless yearning to release new material.

It was almost two years in the pipeline but material was in no shortage for Six String Heart, my 2nd full length album. Tragedy struck on many levels, I lost my big brother John in March 2016 at just 51. Again determined to turn tragedy into triumph I now had a memorial album to make. This album is deeply personal and deeply satisfying for me, it is a healing album for my own weary heart and one that I'm delighted to hear is also touching many other hearts in a poignant way. There's a great mix of mood on this album, it's colourful even through the slower ballads and I think that's a great self reflection, I always find colour in the black, the white and the grey.

Juggling my singer-songwriter career with that of family therapist keeps me grounded and 3 years ago I became an Authorised Marriage Celebrant. My work is a canvas on which I like to create to paint the world in my colours and in my own heartfelt style.


Lovely to have you here at my website today and may the music be with you always ...


Love, light & peace 

JD xxx 

I'm someone who dreams big, believes you 'can do it' and pushes herself on every level to achieve my goals. I'm a Sagittarian and a definite goal setter. 

I'm passionate, about life really, about what makes up a life, what matters, what we're here to learn and how to express that through song and teaching and healing and art.

I was born in Sydney, the third of four children. My parents had a troubled marriage, mostly because they married very young and were both born into troubled families with tragic histories. I was ten years old when they finally separated.

By 13 I had landed myself a vocalist/keyboard spot in a school band, and my love of music just grew. Being around musicians and other creative types was always where I felt most at home, most free, most me.

It was not until my 20's however that I began penning songs of my own and there were many left on the studio floor (so to speak). When I won a first place in a songwriters comp in 2007, that gave me the boost I needed to follow my dream of not just performing my own songs but recording them. Tide was born in 2010 after my own marriage underwent a particularly difficult and tumultuous turn, leading to a period of separation. Thankfully, the gods wanted us together and we pulled through that time and remain together still, 29 years strong.

I could not have been more thrilled with the result of working with Matt Fell on my debut EP and it made me hungry for more.  

My song writing evolved along with my confidence, I started doing more full band gigs which was both exhilarating and sometimes fraught. Performing independent original music is an uphill climb and the rewards are mostly long term if you can keep at it. 

In 2013 Doors and Windows was born, again produced by Matt and this, my first full length album was another triumph for me with crowdfunding making the project not only more feasible financially but also a driving motivation to deliver on a promise to my supporters.

© 2017 by Jackie Dee

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