so today Mark's the 1st anniversary of my brother's passing. I thought it was timely that I update my blog with a little news.

The album is well and truly released! All three launch shows were a great success and the reviews are trickling in .. when asked about this 3rd instalment my response is 'it's a slow burn'. My first single Contemplating Life is receiving good rotation on community radio but as yet hasn't really got a run on CMC here in Australia. t's increasingly hard to compete with the signed artists and especially in the Country Music genre because we only have ONE dedicated CM channel in Australia and around 80% of the content is non-Australian. This makes it real hard to get noticed. 

I however, have never been a quitter! and I shall continue to pursue my dream of sharing my music with the world. That is achievable of course but takes considerable time and investment. So for me, it's about balancing my day job which pays my bills with my independent music career which doesn't pay the bills but brings me enormous pleasure. It's about learning how the media world operates and finding in roads, it's about reaching an audience and it's about resilience!

Track 4 Her Free Will, view the lyric video here from my Six String Heart album is a protest song about violence against women. I have donated this song to an organisation here in Australia to use as they wish in the hope of raising more awareness about this epidemic.

I have other plans with some of my other songs, including a second single release mid year. Stay tuned and feel free to drop me a comment or a message. 

One huge and cost-free way you can help is to leave me an album review on itunes, you'll need to download it first however lol.

love, light & peace people

JD xxx


It's been way too long between blog posts and there is so much to catch up on, I'm gonna have to do a dot point summary:-

  • After returning from my first trip to Europe last year and learned within weeks that both my brother and my step-dad had been diagnosed with cancer.
  • My step-dad had surgery in January this year and has made a full recovery
  • My brother John left this world on 15 March this year.
  • I'm hitting the studio 24 Oct to record album # 3 - Six String Heart, which will be dedicated to John.
  • This will be produced by Matt Fell (Love Hz Studios). Matt produced my last two albums as well
  • Shane Nicholson will be playing acoustic guitars and Josh Schuberth covering drums - I'm so happy about this
  • I've booked an album preview party 28 Jan at Tamworth CMF 2017
  • The official album launch will be Feb 19 in Sydney
  • My album artwork is going to be an art-work by Shan Alice and it's going to be special.
  • The enormity of the last 12 months will largely be felt in the songs on this album, I hope you grab a copy and leave me some feedback.
  • Head to my store page to pre-order

Love, light & peace always

JD xxx

I'm a 6th generation Australia

I'm addicted to cooking shows - all/any!

I'm the 3rd child

I'm left-handed and taught myself guitar

My first job was dental nursing

I was performing in pubs at age 13 (before ID was required)

I've climbed to 5000 metres in Nepal (16,400 feet)

I have Irish, English, Aboriginal and Jewish ancestry

I teach Laughter Yoga

I'm Sagittarian with a Leo Moon & Aquarius Rising

I was born in the Year of the Goat

Artists I dig: Patty Griffin, Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow, Amos Lee, Damien Rice, Jason Isbell, Keith Urban, Dixie Chicks

One of the first songs I ever performed live was Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon

I broke my nose white-water rafting on my honeymoon, not pretty!

I have two kids, a hubby and a pedigree Boxer names Oscar

I have started writing a screenplay that I one day hope to finish... 

super excited about getting this new website built and operational .. it's been a long time coming. Really thankful to hostbaby for having the foresight to provide indie artists with this kind of easy diy technology .. man does that make life easier when one has a whole heap of other things to attend to and limited means.

I'm looking forward to blogging regularly and sharing lotsa good and fun and interesting stuff with you

Ciao for now

jd xx



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